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The TIES-ENDICOTT Master of Education in Integrative Learning explores and expands upon the contexts that contribute to Montessori teaching and learning. We value Maria Montessori’s insight that recognizes the inherent human potential. That awareness begins at birth and, in the right environment, is capable of creating a new humanity on a sustainable Earth.

The following are some questions that may arise as you contemplate enrollment.

When do classes begin?

Orientation starts in April, followed by a four-week seminar on Mapping Transitions for Integrative Learning ending in late May. The Summer months are free and then full swing studies commence in September.

How much is tuition?

Adult learners enrolled in a TIES Partnered Training Center receive $4500 off total tuition ($1500/semester). TIES tuition is $5878 / semester (this includes the tuition reduction). Financial aid is available through Endicott College and can be utilized to support training fees as well.

What can I do with this degree?

Broadly speaking, no student knows exactly where their journey pauses and a new path begins. With an M.Ed. professionals enter the field with the gold standard of degrees allowing freedom to pursue most any direction. Through TIES, graduates have actualized opportunities becoming Lead Guides, Heads of School, Directors of Training Centers, Presidents of Universities, civil service professionals, earning their PhD, and empowered at-home parents raising families.

When will I graduate?

Graduation occurs one and one-half years after the Fall start month.

How many hours per week can I expect to spend on TIES studies?

On average, students report spending approximately 12 hours per week on reading, annotating and taking part in the online seminars.

Do I need to be on campus at a particular time (either physically or online)?

All course-work occurs online without the requirement to travel to any location during the program. Seminar dialogues are asynchronous taking place over two-week periods. Self-directed adult learners participate as best suits their personal schedules. In many ways, exploring classmates’ reflections while having unfettered space to contemplate one’s own responses makes for deeper learning opportunities.

When should I apply?

The application deadline is March 30th for Spring start and August 15 for Fall start. However, please allow enough time for transcripts and references to arrive to create a stress-free experience. We suggest submitting Part 1 of the online application in early March to hold your place for the Spring course.

How long are Spring studies?

Spring studies being with one week of orientation. A pair of two-week seminars follow for a total of 5 weeks “on Campus.” There are no classes in the months of June, July and August.

What is Integrative Learning?

Call us today to engage in further dialogue about Integrative Learning, 800-457-5672.


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