integrative learning

What is Integrative Learning?

Integrative learning transcends interdisciplinary studies as it embraces overarching contexts that form a systemic, self-referencing web of interconnection. Nothing is explored in isolation and all aspects of learning are related: personal and intellectual, cognitive and spiritual.

Integrative learning begins from universal understanding that life on Earth is a derivative of an evolutionary cosmos. By integrating all content, students come away with concrete ideas for their present and future contributions to the Earth community.

“…it is the time for universities to rethink themselves and what they are doing.”

~Thomas Berry

Create Your Individual Focus

Integrative learning students come to the program with unique passions which invariably evolve as they move through the process at The Institute for Educational Studies (TIES). Students can choose their own “independent choice” emphasis area. or select from three options that have been primary to TIES work.

The History of TIES

How did The Institute for Educational Studies begin and evolve?


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