GREAT WORK Continues

Monthly Dialogues with Phil Gang and Friends

Gang engages with kindred spirits to situate teaching and learning in the larger context necessary for shifting paradigms… one that embraces right-action and love. A group dialogue follows a 20-minute co-host inquiry.

Note: These Zoom dialogues have not been edited.

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Date Co-Host Link
9 December 2023 Tammy Oesting Cultivating Empathy: The Role of Teacher Emotional Preparation
Date Co-Host Link
20 January 2024 John Fowler From Cosmic Education to Cosmic Consciousness
Date Co-Host Link
9 March 2024 Kathryn Ross Why Gardens?
Date Co-Host Link
 13 April 2024 Paul Freedman Creating Learning Communities with Adults and Children
Date Co-Host Link
18 February 2022 Carolina Montessori Video: Rekindling a Friendship Or Audio only

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