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Montessori Emphasis Area for Practitioners

Individuals that have completed their Montessori certification may apply for the Emphasis Area for Practitioners option, choosing a particular focus to supplement the core syllabus. One selects a particular project or a burning interest and situates it within the context of Montessori Integrative Learning. The faculty help provide the resources for that exploration. Examples from previous students include: Cosmic Education, The Art of Observation, Parent Education, Outdoor Environment – Gardening, Teaching Sustainability, Art and Music, Ecological Literacy, Special Needs, Earth Literacy and Storytelling. These examples are provided to demonstrate the diversity of interests that have been approved for study.

Montessori School Leadership

This course of study is designed for lead teachers, heads of school, principals and members of school boards as well as other individuals who are interested in advancing Montessori ideas, but may not have a Montessori teaching credential. The preparation of the adult who has leadership responsibilities in a Montessori community is dynamically different in scope to ones engaged in other forms of education. There needs to be cohesion and congruence between the school or community leader and the values and vision inherent to the Montessori approach.

Joint Enrollment with Partnership Programs

Enrolling in this option requires that you attend an approved Montessori Teacher Preparation course (see Approved Partner Programs). Enrollment must be simultaneous in order to receive graduate credit for your work. Write to TIES at Endicott for more details.

Teaching and Learning with Children or Adolescents

This option is designed for people who do not have a Montessori credential and have access to Montessori classes. Students who enroll in this option might be a classroom assistant or could be working as a Montessori teacher without any formal preparation. Others are people who can only access learning through an online environment, or administrators who need this background to carry out their responsibilities. Students incorporate their particular interest and develop a study proposal for this “emphasis area.”

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