What is a TIES symposium?

I was recently asked, “What is a TIES symposium?” Being on the inside, I think it’s easy for me to forget that our online gatherings are unique in their simplicity, and yet profound in their outcomes. A newcomer could easily pass, thinking the event is akin to prior online experiences, even prior in-person symposiums. But I think, “Wait! Something different is at play. Being present and immersed in our gatherings is too easy. One merely need be open to the warmth, and then sit fireside.”

A TIES symposium is a conversation…

…a circle of voices sharing thoughts on a particular theme. The forum kicks off with a short video from our faculty. Their words set the table for a conversation that will unfold over 10 days. A dialogue organically weaves, as there is no agenda nor corralling of ideas. While the seminar hosts, including graduates of TIES’ M.Ed. programs, help guide reflections and distill percolating gems, they are integrated co-learners on the journey.

Finding meaning

Through 1st and 3rd person exploration, participants find personal and professional meaning in an environment that values Self and Other. Open-ended questions are asked seeking deeper meaning, all nested in a non-adversarial environment.

Come and go as you please

Many educators bring and receive energy by merely following along. There is no obligation to enter the dialogue. In fact, the event is asynchronous, geared for our busy lives. You can jump in and read whenever you wish, and carry away the musings into your day. The symposium space is open 24/7 throughout the 10 days. The space remains available for reading afterwards, so that you can return when the dialogue concludes to revisit and soak up the wisdom.

What’s my angle? Like you, I yearn for a planet that is alive for my teenage daughters, my future grandchildren, and generations beyond. Today’s adolescents, the thought leaders and eco-activists of tomorrow, are not waiting for tomorrow. Their Great Work is here and now. Helping create a TIES gathering is my small contribution in fostering global inspiration that may ripple beyond the reach of my doorstep.

Thanks for considering my invitation to warm by the fireside.

~Warren, Development Director

Symposium: Exploring Teaching and Learning with Adolescents

November 16-24

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