I have felt very connected to the TIES community. I am quite a spiritual person and so strongly believe that certain things happen for certain reasons. Just like I felt I moved to Squamish in order to find my new job in West Vancouver, I feel the job of working in West Vancouver led me to the TIES program. Ever since the first phone conversation with Philip and a few other students in the first month of our program starting, I felt comfortable. I did not think I would, as I feared the idea of putting down my thoughts in writing and having several people reading them and responding to them. What would they think? Would they think my ideas were stupid? But no, in fact, I was accepted by every single student and faculty member in the program. Each and every person made me feel safe and secure to express my feelings and ideas. I felt accepted. Moreover, I started to develop friendships with some of the students in the program and so my sense of place in the community started to extend outward. There were a few women in the TIES community who supported me and helped me through difficult times, and I am eternally grateful.

SARAH EVERETT, Learning Collaborative 23 – Vancouver, BC

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