Film: To Educate Eco-sapiens

After international public screenings in Denver, Toronto, Portland, Christchurch, Oslo and Houston this seminal film on integrative education is now available to the public.
Through story, Philip  Snow Gang relates the personal to the universal, with cosmic stories that pull viewers in, calling on our shared experience of being human in a very large universe.

To Educate Eco-Sapiens engages the deep questions that follow us through life and calls on us to navigate our journeys with heart, knowledge and wisdom. Through the use of reflective and exploratory questions, the film urges us to open ourselves to possibility and honour the mysteries of life. Watching this film is an experience that inspires visually, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. To Educate Eco-Sapiens is an experience that asks us to act now in ways that support integrated development for the coming generations.

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Film Trailer:

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