Our Planet, Our Home

Our Planet, Our Home is a mobile mind map designed to help children and adults understand the inter-relationships that exist on Earth and in the cosmos.

This mobile mind map materials are used to demonstrate how Earth’s systems and cycles work together in a system of inter-dependent relationships. It is also an experience in exploring today’s ecological challenges and seeking insights into solutions.

Our Planet, Our Home is, above all, exploratory. Emphasis is placed on process, conversation, and experience as a means of enriching knowledge and understanding.

The materials are based on the philosophy that it is more important to listen to the learner’s concept of relationships than to “give” a learner the “correct” answers. Question become more important than answers. The process of inquiry and discovery allows participants to determine for themselves how the different Earth systems work in natural harmony.

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Our Planet, Our Home has been used with many groups of people around the world. One nine-year-old in Russia exclaimed, “This is like a family tree of the Earth!” A group of adults arranged the picture cards of the Earth’s spheres, lifeforms, and human activities in the shape of a spiral. They made an analogy between the nautilus shell and continuously builds upon itself and the potential for the Earth’s systems to grow and provide a sustainable future.



The picture material includes:

(1) Spiral Galaxy

(1) Sun

(1) Earth

(1) Atmosphere

(1) Hydrosphere

(1) Lithosphere

(1) Biological Cycle

(5) Kingdoms (Bacterial, Protoctista, Fungi, Plantae, Animali)

(1) Humans

(1) Soil

(1) Biosphere

(7) Square cards representing various aspects of human activity: transportation, shelter, clothing, communication, play, and love.

(16) Arrows

The Images

These images provide participants with various aspects of the Gaian landscape, enabling them to create a context and meaning based on experience and knowledge. Facilitators of Our Planet, Our Home work with individuals and groups to further demonstrate the systemic nature of Gaia and the human interface with these natural processes.

We suggest that when working with groups of learners (aged 12 through adult) you will need a minimum of three sets. In this way a group of 15 participants would work in three groups of five.


Our Planet, Our Home has profoundly impressed me and opened new insights into the meaning of life on this planet. I am sure that people who engage in this experience will remember it for the rest of their lives as it will effect the way they see the world around them. It is a very, very remarkable teaching tool and I am sure it will have world-wide ramifications.
Robert Muller

Retired Assistant Secretary-General, United Nations

Our Planet, Our Home is a fun, multi-dimensional, visual, and interactive game that reveals the connectedness of all things in the cosmos. I have used OPOH with two year olds, elementary age students, middle school students, adult learners, and parents with absolute success because the lessons are easily modified or extended. OPOH is a catalyst for the imagination, a vehicle for opening dialogue, and a channel for research to flow.
Mary Gilbert

Atlanta, Georgia USA

To my mind Our Planet, Our Home is a true example of education with great joy. It represents a real inquiry that helps children and adults actively participate in the learning process. Here the teacher is only a guide to the unknown in a very important field for all people.
Miche Kulis

St. Petersburg, Russia

For me, Our Planet, Our Home provides a framework to place the newborn child at the center. Every child is looked upon as the centre of the universe. Out of this centre the child begins its slow journey, and step by step the parents come to understand. Providing these pictures to little children and their parents has been a profound story. The images and experiences made such a deep impression on me that we have been publishing this in Sweden under the title, Vårt Hem Jorden.
Camilla Carlberg

Assistance to Infancy Educator, Stockholm, Sweden

As there is a natural cycle of all things, I wonder, too, if there is a natural cycle of envisioning interconnectedness. It seems to me that children have such clarity of thought and intention as they naturally see everything as intertwined…it’s so natural for them that they don’t (or can’t) even articulate it but it can be observed in their daily activities. Our Planet, Our Home provides an experience that allows this process to evolve.
Michelle Van

Nova Scotia, Canada

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