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Montessori As Mindful Education

While producing Montessori as Mindful Education, I was initially attracted to the living legacy that is Dr. Philip Snow Gang, for his lived experiences and his profound insights into the essence of Montessori pedagogy gained learning in part from and with the son and grandson of Dr. Montessori.  Yet it is his body of work in education, some of which is expressed in this short interview, that reveals the far-reaching scope of his wisdom into the realm of the learner in a learning community.  Dr. Gang’s transdisciplinary integrated study of all that is within us in relation to the universe, brings a vital sensibility to Montessori educators and a call-to-action to not teach, but to radiate our very being, an act of mindfulness that has the potential to regenerate Earth and liberate humanity. This short interview with Dr. Gang is sure to stir you as it did me, leaving you with more questions and a few more tools to keep you engaged in answering life’s big questions.

— Tammy Oesting, TIES Graduate and Co-Founder Classroom Mechanics

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Montessori as Mindful Education
Parts I-IV

Part I

If Montessori is done in the right way, one is seeding the essence of the new human and an understanding of cosmic consciousness.

— Dr. Phil Snow Gang, from Part I

Part II

Each of us has 13.8 billion years of radiance built into our cellular structure.

— Dr. Phil Snow Gang, from Part II

Part III

The art of dialogue helps me align myself to Truth.

— Dr. Phil Snow Gang, from Part III

Part IV

[The fifth plane of development] may be a time for beginning to understand one’s contributions the world, where one’s skills and the Earth’s needs intersect: Birth of one’s Great Work.

— Dr. Phil Snow Gang, from Part IV

Video Production Credits: Tammy and Aaron Oesting, Classroom Mechanics

Aarthi talks TIES

Coming from a spiritual background, I have read a lot of books, chanted mantras and practiced rituals… Nothing in my life changed because of this. Within six months of actually doing this program I could feel a change in the way I spoke with people, the way I listened, and the way I respected everybody around me. I think that this is true spirituality — something you can live. In that sense it was very transformative.

— Aarthi Nandakumar, TIES Graduate

Nova Montessori

Observing normalization through images of children at Nova Montessori.

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