Journey to Sacred Montessori

An online, dialogue-based symposium for the international Montessori Community

This symposium occured in the past.

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About the Symposium

You are invited to join Philip Snow Gang and The Institute for Educational Studies for a dialogue about the roots of Montessori’s vision, what Dr. Gang is calling “Sacred Montessori.” Please lend your voice to this important topic so that we may all carry her work forward into the ever-evolving future.  


Montessori and the Spiritual Life

We have been mistaken in thinking that the natural education of children should be purely physical; the soul, too, has its nature, which it was intended to perfect in the spiritual life — the dominating power of human existence throughout all time.

~Maria Montessori


Two World Traditions

During her seven years stay in India, Montessori’s concept about human life and culture underwent some important alteration. The scope of her view embodied the thinking of two world traditions – both the East and the West. Her philosophical thought had both the Western scientific outlook and the spiritual insights of Eastern thought.

~Christina Marie Trudeau


The Future of Education

The Great Work now is to carry out the transition from a period of human devastation of the Earth to a period when humans would be present to the planet in a mutually beneficial manner.

~Thomas Berry


Commentary from 2017 participants

“Thank you everyone for sharing so openly. This topic needs to be brought out into the open more often if we and others are to grow in awareness of the full intent of Dr Montessori. It would be tragic were her legacy to be misinterpreted as a mere method of “teaching”, something I feel she strove to avoid.”

“I live in a Montessori desert. This dialogue makes it real to me that there are other Montessorians that are facing the same questions and experiencing the same joys as I have on the journey to a sacred Montessori. Thank you very much TIES and the Montessori community.”

“Thank you to TIES and Philip for such an inspiring moment in life, which attending this [symposium] is. Having 5 children, listening and reading this evening, brought me to those precious and magic moments when we are timeless. Those cosmic moments when we, adult and child, without conscious thoughts observe, wonder, are together and love the magic Earth. Those moments which we, adult and [child], lose along the way. And it’s all about to learn, to live, to observe, to share.”

What does the symposium entail?

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Inspirational Dialogue

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Shared meaning

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