Program Commentaries

Over the course of our 21 year history students from 42 countries and six continents have immersed themselves in the TIES community. Throughout their studies they share personal insights in community forums as well academic seminars. We have been excerpting many of their their comments and placed them in a TIES Living Journal. Below are some of these commentaries.

Everyday, this online learning community continued to evolve, grow and change with respectful and caring support from one another and faculty. My learning provided me me a deep understanding of all aspects of Montessori education and the value and place it has for a changing world. Having gained an understanding of research in science, philosophy, psychology and education, the Endicott-TIES experience has shaped my ability to see the world from new perspectives. I feel I will not only become a better teacher but a better human being.

Valerie Stevenson

Vice Principal, Montessori Magnet School, Vancouver, Canada

We enrolled in the Montessori Integrative Learning Program to expand our training to include ages 6 to 12. What we have received is so much more than that. Through the Montessori approach to adult education we have been engaged in a year and a half of deep and fulfilling exploration of the Montessori philosophy and practice. Exploring Cosmic Education from the perspective of the great visionaries of our times, the program has fundamentally altered the way we perceive our Universe and radically expanded our capacities for communicating this vision of Cosmic Education.

The online Integrative Seminars provided the opportunity to learn from our peers as well as gain wisdom from direct dialogue with the authors of the books we were reading. Working online has allowed us to participate in a way that is flexible and creative with our lives and provided an experience much richer than the traditional classroom setting. The depth of exploration and expansion of the Montessori philosophy in this program far exceeds that of our previous training and has helped us become more centered as individuals and as Montessori Educators for any age child.

Jack Comstock and Nisha Gupta

Montessori Teachers , New York, NY

TIES served as a window to a place that was previously hidden from my exploration: a place of wonder, a place of awe, a place of comprehension, acceptance and respect. In this program I found a refuge, a secure area where I felt comfortable to open my heart and follow my inner guidance. It was a place where questions were accepted, thoughts not judged and exploration of new ideas always welcome.

The connections I have formed with my fellow students are connections I never thought would exist on an on-line program. It felt as if our community was seeing each other every day, and in a way, we were — perhaps not in person. We have all exposed our thoughts and became part of a whole that will always be present. We have built connections that will forever remain even if we never see each other.

Dalia Punsky

Montessori Teacher , Texas, USA

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