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Part Two – Admission Narrative

Please read directions thoroughly prior to responding. 

Write a document of 1,000 words or more addressing items 1-4 below. Answer the following in numerical order responding to each prompt as a separate response.

(Note: Please let the Acceptance Committee know if English is your “second” language.)


  1. Recall a recent learning experience — something that you have read, listened to, or researched. What question or questions were evoked by that experience?
  2. What attracted you to this program?
  3. Each of us holds a world-view that we value. How do you respond when your political, religious or social world-view is challenged?
  4. Study Proposal -Please tell the Admissions Committee the name of your proposed Area of Emphasis and what has led you towards this exploration. Consider your most passionate interests and select a focus of your choice. How do you see the completion of this M.Ed. contributing to the greater society. What are some of the questions you would like to investigate? If your Emphasis Area is based on work with children, where will you have an opportunity to observe a classroom setting? If your Emphasis Area is based on work with adults, where will you have an opportunity to observe an adult setting? We realize that your responses to the Study Proposal are preliminary. In fact, most students shift their focus as their learning unfolds.

The Institute for Educational Studies has a non-discriminatory admission policy.

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  1. Part One of the application and the application fee are required prior to submitting the Admission Narrative.
  2. Please upload a PDF or Word Doc. Narratives sent via Google Doc cannot be accepted.
  3. After receipt of all transcripts and letters of reference an Admissions Interview will be scheduled.

    Need help? Please don't hesitate to contact an admissions advisor.



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