2024 Learning Cohort


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Montessori M.Ed. ApplicationIntegrative Learning M.Ed. Application

What students are saying…

Enchantment, wonder, inspiration, awe…. These are not concepts that I have frequently encountered in any traditional education coursework. It seems like these themes are the reason that this TIES work feels so empowering.

I am in awe – inspired from the readings and knowledge that I have gained from this program so far. My eyes have been OPENED to cosmic education, our cosmic task, interdependency, and interrelatedness, and many others. My life will never operate the same, and for that I am grateful to the TIES community!

Once one takes on the essence of integrative learning, it’s like breathing…somehow every insight, every discovery, every decision, and every action becomes part of the process.

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Montessori Teachers-in-training:

Through our training center partnerships you can earn your Montessori Master of Education and receive $4,500 off tuition, plus credit for your coursework and practicum.

Our next cohort begins October 2023

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