2024 Enrollment

Montessori Integrative Learning

What are the radical roots of the Montessori vision? How do current scientific findings support and expand that vision? What is a learning community and what capacities are evoked through participation?

Montessori Education

TIES core faculty have been involved in all levels of education since the early 1970s, both Montessori and traditional

The TIES M.Ed roots date back to the 1990’S when Philip Snow Gang founded the Global Alliance for Education.

We are interested in self-directed and  disciplined learners who are inspired to explore the depths of  Montessori’s contributions towards a new world-view through education.

New students enter the program in  January. It takes a minimum of three full semesters (18 months) to  complete all requirements for graduation.

The core material and course work is presented through a series of  on-line seminars where students and faculty post responses to an  assigned reading (or viewing).

2024 Enrollment

Montessori Integrative Learning

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