Awakening fundamental change in education.


The MSM Legacy Fund honors the contributions of Marsha Snow Morgan, co-founder of TIES Master of Education programs in Integrative and Montessori Integrative Learning. Marsha retired in 2013 due to early onset Alzheimer’s, and passed away in the Spring of 2017. Although her Great Work ended far too early, her contributions live on through TIES M.Ed. programs and the graduates she has touched.

The main focus of her work perceived systemic patterns in the design and creation of learning communities. In Marsha’s words, “We are storytellers, mythmakers and symbol designers. Addressing the present planetary crises through education may provide possibilities for Gaian renewal.” Perhaps her greatest contribution was her ability to ask the right question so that others could “live in” to their own answers.

During Marsha’s career she created deep bonds with others as a Montessori teacher, school director, educator of Montessori teachers, consultant, and workshop leader. In New Zealand she was on the Organic Cities Trust at Christchurch and a principal to the Kids Edible Garden Project. In 1989 she founded Nova Montessori School, also in Christchurch.

“We are beings that live in the community of life on Earth. Its systems run through our very veins. The stars and the planets provide inspiration for our dreams and rules for our living but Earth is home and has her own lessons to teach.” – Marsha Snow Morgan



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