I have done my Montessori training, what else is there?

What is this Montessori everyone talks about?

I want to do further study, but most graduate courses do not quite fit me, my lifestyle, my interests, or my work and family arrangements. Where can I go?

I want to do something different, something that lets me be me.

Something juicy, with just enough tang and zest to keep me tantalised. Something that lingers and provokes, something that is all that and situated in a liberal academic tradition. Something that satisfies, something that creates even more hunger.  I want to wonder, I want to wander, I want to be transfixed.

Is there a Masters Degree that meets my needs? Is there somewhere that I can find out more about what I am interested in, that uses contemporary frameworks to expand traditional ideas?  Is there a way of studying that fits around my work, my busy life, my family and my own passions?

Could I find an online cohort where I belong and feel nurtured?  What about learning more than just how to teach Montessori, perhaps even to consider what Montessori was thinking about herself? Could I relate my own pathway to the texts of many valuable authors?

There is. And you can.  That was my personal experience when I was a TIES-Endicott student (2006-2007). It was so alluring that I was more than joyful when asked to join the faculty in 2013. If you are still reading, you have found the unique Montessori Master’s portal that meets the above conditions.  You can learn among peers with the same challenges, but with your own questions.  You can achieve an academic qualification — a passionate and transformative experience as well as participate in a global learning community.

We welcome you to the TIES program. Your place is set and ready, and when you are prepared to go through the doors, we are there to meet you.  The first step is simply to knock on the door, by contacting us.  The next step could lead you directly forward on your own life path.

Steven Arnold
TIES Faculty
Peace Experiment
Montessori Secondary Education
Auckland, NZ

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